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Update:Mayor Sanderson Re-elected. Brady Harris Elected To Town Council

September 11, 2018

Craig Sanderson lhas won the Tusayan  mayor's race  having received 51 votes, besting challenger John Schoppmann who received 39 votes. The unofficial results have been posted by Coconino County.

Brady Harris has won one of two open council seats. Harris, the only candidate who filled out the Watchdog Candidate Questionnaire, was the top vote getter with 52 votes. Contractor Rob Baldosky and incumbent David Chavez each tied at 44 votes.

The Town Clerk had prevously said all three candidates would have to face eachother in a runoff because no one  recieved more than 50% of the vote. However the Town later published a revised election resolution that said Harris recived sufficient votes to be elected. There will be a recount to determine if Baldosky or Chavez got the most votes. If the tie remains, THEN the two will face eachother in a run-off November 6th.