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Mayor Sanderson Recovering From Open Heart Surgery

August 31, 2018

Tusayan Mayor Craig Sanderson underwent open heart surgery Tuesday. He made the announcement on his Facebook page. he said it will take him about two months to recover. It will at least six months until he can resume his duties as an airline pilot. 

Sanderson remains in the lead in his relection bid leading councilman John Schoppman 42 to 33. A final vote tally is due after Labor Day.

Here is the Mayor's statement from his Facebook Page:


For those who haven’t heard, on Tuesday I was re-elected as Mayor of the Town of Tusayan for another 2 year term. To celebrate I went through a ‘simple’ valve replacement. I have had open heart surgery and had my aortic valve replacement. I have a new aortic valve, apparently I was born with a defective heart valve that had calcified into what’s know as severe aortic stenosis. The valve was so calcified that when trying to remove it the valve bent the tool cutting it out. The Dr. said it was the worst calcified valve that she has seen in her 15 year career. So other than hurting from the surgery I’ll be coming back better than new. The healing time is about 2 months. Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes as I travel the long road to recovery. The Dr and other experts said I will be back to flying but it’ll be at least 6 months; however, I do have plenty to keep me busy in the office.