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Stilo's Lawyers Try to Strong Arm Councilman Fitzgerald for Speaking his Mind

January 2, 2012

By Mike Scerbo

When Stilo Arm Twister Tom DePaolo threatened Bill Fitzgerald several months ago  (here it is on video) it looks as if he was not kidding. Fitzgerald who is now Councilman Fitzgerald is the subject of a legal assault waged by Stilo's attorneys. They claim Fitzgerald has a conflict of interest and he is biased because he has taken on the Stilo Machine by leading a referendum against the Stilo land use plan and by lending his name to a recall effort.

Stilo calling someone else biased is laughable when you consider that Stilo and its allies have bankrolled the incorporation effort; gave win bonus checks to two people who would later serve on the council among others; and took two future council members among others on an Italian vacation.

Not only did Stilo's high-powered legal team go after Fitz in the form of a letter to the Town Council, they also sent a letter to his employer in what looks like an attempt to get him fired. For good measure Stilo's legal eagles also sent a letter to Congressman Paul Gosar.

Fitzgerald, who is the only member of the Town Council with no financial ties to Stilo and its allies, isn't backing down and he isn't intimidated by the threats of an out of town developer with very deep pockets.

Fitzgerald said,"This is nothing but an attempt to shut me up. Although why they are doing this at this time, I don’t know. Because they already have their zoning changes. In an attempt to shut me up they have gone to the town council with scurrilous innuendos and ‘reports’ from unnamed individuals concerning my job at the post office." 

Fitzgerald is refuting the conflict of interest claim, "As far as the conflict of interest goes, they’re saying I am too biased to be objective. That is merely a matter of opinion which I am free to express. The other members of the town council have their opinions which they are free to express. I’ve seen no letters from lawyers complaining about their being too biased to be objective concerning the future of Tusayan.To sum it all up they are just trying to shut down my free speech."

As far as claims his stance precludes him from putting letters in PO boxes Fitzgerald states, "It appears they are convicting me of a crime that has not occurred and will never occur."

It's odd that Stilo's legal team didn't send letters to any council members who received win bonuses, Italian vacations, rental property agreements or employment from Stilo or its allies. Instead they picked on the one person who has stood up to Stilo.