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Council Tables Appointing Vail To P and Z Commission

September 28, 2018

 The Tusayan Town Council balked at appointing resident and business owner Clarinda Vail to the Planning and Zoning Commission. Instead the council decided they needed to hold a closed session discussion with the Town Attorney before making a decision. 

The Planning and Zoning Commission voted unanimously to recommend Vail for the post.  P and Z Chair Robert Gossard addressed the Town Council on September 12th and urged them to make the appointment noting that she often assists P and Z on various projects. Gossard said, “We value her and we welcome her to continue the work she has already been doing and she has earned a voice on the commission.”

After that endorsement, Councilman David Chavez moved to table the appointment until the council could hold an executive session with the Town Attorney. No reason was given.

Vail was a driving force on the creation of the Tusayan Town Park and countless other projects. She had previously served on the Town Council as well as the school board. She has been an opposing voice on a number of issues including Stilo’s controversial and environmentally threating development project. More recently, she opposed a drastic increase in permitted building heights. The voters sided with Vail as the height increase was overturned at the ballot box.