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Two Major Elections to decide the fate of Tusayan

January 9, 2012

May 15th is a major turning point for Tusayan. That's the day when voters will decide if Stilo's land use plan, a plan that critics claim will devastate the region, will come up for a vote. At the January 4th Council meeting, the Town set the date for the election. Councilman Fitzgerald, who led the effort is pleased to see this vote will come sooner rather than later.

It will be interesting to see if Stilo and Halvorson go on a hiring binge in order to bring more voting employees to town. It seemed to work the last time.

There is another critical  deadline as well, Ballot Arguments. Those are what appear on information pamphlets that go out before an election. The cost is  $100 to file personally and $75 dollars electronically and the deadline is 5pm on January 27th.

Each argument must be 300 words or less and they can be typed or hand written.You also have to include your name, address, signature and telephone number, although the address and phone number will not appear in the pamphlet. You can bring the ballot argument in person to the Town Hall office in the Papillion Heliport at the Airport, or you can mail it in, along with a check to Tusayan Town Hall, PO Box 709, Grand Canyon, Arizona 86023.

If you have any questions you can call the  Town Clerk, Judge Bill Sutton at 928-600-0131. Here is a link to a news release from the Town.

March 13th is the date of the reacall election as voters seeks to toss Mayor Bryan, Vice Mayor Maniaci, and Councilman Al Montoya.

UPDATE: The deadline to submit ballot arguments has been extended to February 3rd.