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Town Council Tables Vail Appointment To The Planning and Zoning Commission Until After Election

October 22, 2018

 Saying it was a difficult decision the Tusayan Town Council has tabled a decision as to whether or not to put Tusayan resident Clarinda Vail on the planning a zoning commission.  Mayor Sanderson said it would be best to make a decision after the election and when a new council is seated. The decision was reached following an executive session October 10th. No other explanation was given. Vail was not asked to speak before the council. The Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously endorsed her.

The decision was not unanimous. Councilmembers David Chavez and John Schoppmann voted against tabling the decision. They wanted to vote on the Vail appointment. 

Vail is the Manager of Red Feather Properties. She has is a Tusayan native and has lived here all her life. It would be fair to say she is very well versed in zoning issues and has frequently provided the town with technical expertise.

After the vote Vail told the council that all of the P and Z commissioners had asked her to serve on the Commission. She also told the council that, “Having varied opinions on a commission in the community is a good idea.”

Mayor Craig Sanderson did admit the he had previously told the Commission that he would support Vail’s appointment. However he did vote to table.

Councilman Al Montoya and Vice Mayor Becky Wirth were recently captured in a recording expressing displeasure with Vail as they chatted with Stilo Representative Tom DePaolo. As previously reported the comments went out over the internet July 20th when the live streaming switch was mistakenly left on. During that conversation DePaolo passed around a mail piece critical of Vail, this publication, and opponents of the Stilo development plan.