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New Deputy Moves To Tusayan February 1st

January 23, 2019

 For years the Town of Tusayan has been wanting a ‘resident’ deputy, a law enforcement officer who serves and lives in Tusayan. That becomes a reality on February 1st when Coconino County Sheriff's Deputy Jeremiah Greyeyes moves to Tusayan.

Sheriff Jim Driscoll introduced the new deputy during the January 16th Town Council meeting.

Sheriff Driscoll said, “He’s new but there is a great deal of enthusiasm here. He did exceptionally well in the academy.”

The sheriff said having a deputy who lives in the community is important to the department as well as the town, “We appreciate your patience. We know it’s been a log wait. We’ve been working it pretty hard.”

Sheriff Driscoll credits the Coconino County Board of Supervisors for helping to fill vacancies in the Sheriff’s Office making the Tusayan assignment possible.