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The Price Tag for the Ten X Fiasco Keeps Adding Up

March 19, 2019

 When Tusayan decided to go rouge and press on with site preparation for the Ten X ‘affordable’ housing project, the town set in motion a series of events that has cost the community at least $815,000 during the months of February and March according to the check summaries on the upcoming council agenda.

Much of that money is to mitigate what was done when the Town had no flood plain authority. The Town has since rescinded its flood plain ordinance which had been challenged through a referendum. When valid petitions were submitted to challenge the flood plain takeover, the ordinance was supposed to be shelved until after the election. It wasn’t. As a result the Town has to undo much of what was done because it broke Coconino County’s flood plain rules designed to protect people and property.

Right now the Town is hoping to get into compliance. In the meantime it is spending lots of tax dollars to make things right.