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Tusayan Seeks Project Manager For Troubled Ten X Project

March 22, 2019

The Tusayan Town Council has agreed to search for a Project Manager to monitor the Ten X 'affordable' housing project.

Faced with massive cost over-runs, litigation over flood plain violations, and lengthy delays the Town Council is heeding the advice of Councilmember Robb Baldosky who feels there needs to be more oversight, “We sent the (Town) Manager to do a job and maybe he should have had some help. I am not worried about the past, I am worried about the future.” Baldosky added, “There have been some shortcomings during the process. We can’t afford another mistake.”

The Ten X affordable housing project has been on hold for several months after it was discovered the Town was not following flood plain protocol with Coconino County. 

Tusayan had sought to act as its own flood plain administrator and the Council voted to take over that authority. However when petitions were validated for a referendum election challenging that takeover, the law dictated flood plain authority revert to Coconino County until the matter is resolved at the ballot box.

Tusayan ignored that law and had its contractor, Premiere Construction, move ahead on site preparation. Once the County sued, the Town was forced to follow Coconino County flood plain rules designed to project lives and property. Mediating the site to fix the problems ,as well as the delays, have skyrocketed construction costs.

Baldosky says Tusayan needs to engage in “financial sobriety’ noting the costs for the Ten X affordable housing project could exceed $20 million.

While the council balked at Baldosky’s call for an audit it did agree to look for a Ten X project manager and include Baldosky, who owns a construction company, in the interview process.