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Tusayan Town Council Supports Expansion of Ten X Campground

March 22, 2019

 Plans to expand the total number of individual campsites at Ten X have the approval of the Tusayan Town Council. The Forest Service is seeking approval from neighbors and surrounding communities as it looks to increase the number of camping spaces from 70 to about 300 over a ten year period depending on funding.

The Tusayan Town Council not only endorsed the expansion but plans to encourage residents to do the same.

Tusayan Sanitary District Chairman Pete Shearer noted the need for additional campsites will intensify if Camper Village is ever developed.

The expanded campground project world compliment but not overlap with the Tusayan Trails project.

The proposed remodeling of existing sites and the addition of new sites would increase Ten X Campground’s ability to accommodate large RVs, and would also provide additional small group sites as well as individual tent sites.

The deadline for public comment is March 29. They can be emailed to comments-southwestern-kaibab-williams@fs.fed.us