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Maniaci Resigns From Tusayan Town Council

February 5, 2012

by Mike Scerbo

Many saw this coming. Cecily Maniaci, Tusayan's Vice Mayor who owned a mansion in Paradise Valley, has resigned. She hasn't been seen in town or at any recent Town Council meetings. Was it the commute from her Paradise Valley Home? Was it financial problems? We won't know because her resignation letter didn't spell out any reasons. Unlike Bob Blasi, who resigned in a fiery speech, Maniaci's resignation didn't take anyone by storm. In fact, Mayor Greg Bryan announced the resignation without offering any comment. No words thanking her for her service.

The Council did spend a few moments discussing how to replace her. They want Town Attorney Bill Sims to weigh in. Councilman Bill Fitzgerald asked if there was a problem with the way he was appointed to replace Bob Blasi. Mayor Bryan responded ,"The complication that comes into play as you know there's a recall, and so based upon that recall, in a successful recall the person in this situation would fill the balance of the term. The person is no longer a council member and that puts a  different twist on the situation."

Bryan is correct. Under state law, Maniaci's seat does not go to the person who challenged her in the recall. That person is pilot and Halvorson employee Craig Sanderson. Because she resigned, the recall election is canceled. As the meeting ended Sanderson made a rare appearance at the council chambers. He told this reporter he had only been to one or two council meetings before. Why he showed up at this meeting is anybody's guess.

I interviewed Sanderson. He had no reason as why he was challenging Maniaci. I asked him if he had any issues as to the way Maniaci was doing her job. He said, "I did not personally, when the recall came up and there was a position available, I wanted to be able to fill the position."

I pressed  Sanderson on why did he run against Maniaci if he had no problem with the way she was doing her job. Sanderson paused, smiled, and said, "Good point."

Maniaci's resignation was one of the worst kept secrets in town. Those rumors were going around the same time  the deadline was approaching to file as a candidate in the recall.

Bill Fitzgerald's appointment is causing problems for Stilo. So much so that their legal hit squad went after Bill's good name and his livelihood.

If the Council's goal is to serve Stilo, Sanderson is their guy.  He works for Stilo Business partner Elling Halvorson. If the Council's goal is to serve the people of Tusayan, then they should have an open process like the one that gave them Fitzgerald.