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Craig Sanderson Appointed to Tusayan Town Council

February 20, 2012

By Mike Scerbo

Craig Sanderson, the man who challenged Cecily Maniaci in the recall election just days before Maniaci resigned has been appointed her to the Town Council.

The Council is under the impression that even though Maniaci quit, the recall election would have to be held. And because Sanderson is the only challenger, he would get the job anyway.

While legal minds can agree to disagree, it's worth noting that when Evan Mecham was impeached as Governor in the late 80's, the recall election that was scheduled against him was cancelled.

Sanderson insists he did not know Maniaci was going to resign. Sanderson is a Halvorson employee and he was front and center when Halvorson held his community meeting February 8th.

After the Council explained their reasoning, they voted to appoint Sanderson and he was seated. We spoke to him after the February 15th council meeting. He said he is looking forward to the opportunity. Sanderson says he has lived in Tusayan since 2003. He also owns a home in Page, "I lease it out. When we first moved here to Tusayan I did not want to retire as a renter."

And just for kicks, the council named Al 'Win Bonus' Montoya as Vice Mayor.

Sanderson's appointment translates to a big win for the Stilo/Halvorson  alliance. Four of the five Council Members are now employed by the alliance.

Its the same story with the newly appointed  planning and zoning comission. Sandy Agnat works for Stilo as an "Area Representative." Elizabeth Hearne works at  the Squire. Clayann Cook works at what used to be the Western Discovery Museum. Robert Gossard works at the Canyon Flight Trading Company. Charles Townsend lists no employer, but he did get a nice 'win bonus' from Stilo allies after the incorporation vote.

This all gives new meaning to the term, "Company Town."