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Tusayan Spending Remaining Cash Reserves

July 3, 2019

 Tusayan is spending what remains of this year’s budget after the voters rejected a budget override for the new fiscal year.

The state imposed spending limit is $1.4 million. To live within that strict limit, the council is “donating” leftover funds from the current fiscal year to fund a long list of projects.
The Town set aside as much as $400,000 to shut down the 10X project. That total may be much lower if Tusayan staff can do some of the work. Given the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent to remediate flood control violations, there is no money to build ‘affordable’ housing this year and maybe next year. 
The Tusayan Fire District is getting a $402,000 donation to cover salaries and equipment with the understanding that it will have to seek other sources of funds in the future.
The Kaibab learning center will get $20,000. $215,000 will be spent on flood monitoring equipment and operating the equipment.  $400,000 may be spent on fiber optic cable for high speed internet. The town is still seeking estimates for that project.
The Chamber of Commerce is getting $41,000 to cover the cost of this year’s 4th of July celebration and next years. It is not receiving any marketing funds as it has in years past. In fact the funds for next year’s 4th of July celebration almost went away after Councilman Al Montoya stated, “We are spending $31,000 for a 4th of July that shouldn’t exist simply because the people didn’t fund it.” He compared the situation to someone losing their job just before Christmas.
The lean times may could last one or two fiscal years, depending on whether the Town Council decides to hold another budget override election next year and whether or not the voters say yes or no.