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Tusayan Town Council Moves Ahead On A $22 Million Budget

July 16, 2019

Despite a state imposed spending limit of $1.4 million, the Tusayan Town Council has passed a $22 million budget. The Town insists the budget is legal because much of the capital improvement spending would come from bonds or loans. Technically retiring bonds and loans are not prohibited by state spending limits. This certainly doesn’t mean the Town will spend $22 million, but the budget numbers are in place in case the town wants to exercise its options.

Even though borrowing and boding would be required to get to the $22 million Councilmember Robb Baldosky worried that the figure exceeds cash reserves.

Council member Becky Wirth said the numbers are theoretical, “It’s a fictional number that’s put in there. It’s not actual. It’s not factual until it’s used.”

Vice Mayor Brady Harris it’s important for the public to understand that Home Rule spending limits don’t stop capital projects.

Those projects that fall outside state spending limits include spending $1.2 on a water company, $1 million for fiber optic internet service, $6 for park development, $10 million for affordable housing, and $500,000 for trail system improvements.

Here is a link to the spending plan. https://tusayan-az.gov/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Budget-Forms.pdf

On July 31st there will be a public hearing on the budget. It takes place at 6pm at the Tusayan Town Hall.