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There Goes the Judge: Town Clerk Bill Sutton resigns

February 22, 2012

By Mike Scerbo

Retired Judge Bill Sutton was one of the good guys. As Town Clerk for Tusayan, he navigated troubled waters and managed to stay impartial, even though all but one member the Town Council is employed by the Stilo/Halvorson alliance. Sutton never caved toi Stilo, calling elections to challenge the land use plan. Stilo went so far as to sue the judge and the town for daring to let the people vote.

On February 21st we got word Sutton was stepping down. Here is is statement:

On March 7, I'm resigning as Clerk for Tusayan.  I've enjoyed my year plus with the Town of Tusayan, both as a Consultant and as Clerk.  It has been challenging, but I hope I have been able to make a positive difference.   I was able to stay neutral through the process, as the community of Tusayan had and still has divisions.  There are wonderful people I think very highly of, on both sides.  I hope everyone understands that good people sometimes don't see things the same way, and when all is said and done, my hope is that Tusayan will be a "family".  I thank the Mayor, Council, and Mr. Ochoa for trusting me with this responsibility, and to Debbie Garver for being a great assistant.  It's been a great chapter of my life.

 I'm staying in Williams, and will be working my business, Wise Choice Alternatives, LLC. which is a sentencing alternatives business in the criminal justice system. 

A class act to the end, even though the Stilo crew showed no class in filing a lawsuit against our Town Clerk.