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Two Tusayan Planning and Zoning Commissioners Sue Tusayan to Prevent Public Vote

February 25, 2012

By Mike Scerbo

Two Tusayan residents don't want  voters to decide on clean government. . One of the plaintiffs assisting Stilo in the


lawsuit against the clean government initiative is newly minted planning and zoning commissioner ClayAnn Cook, a longtime Halvorson employee who is currently working to re-launch the failed Western Discovery Museum as a restaurant. Given the fact that the effort has been on hold for months we are not sure if or why she is collecting a paycheck.

The other plaintiff against the clean government initiative is Robert Gossard. He is also a Halvorson employee and a member of the Tusayan Planning and Zoning Commission.

As two members of the planning and zoning commission sue the city, their attorney is also going after Judge Sutton. Stilo’s Phoenix based legal team issued a summons for Sutton.

It’s unclear why Cook and Gossard are plaintiffs in a lawsuit seeking to end an election on clean government, however they are Halvorson employees and Halvorson stands to make a fortune if Stilo’s land use plan becomes a reality.

A hearing on efforts to prevent the clean government election will take place March 6th, also before Judge Lodge.