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Tusayan Fires Town Manager

September 19, 2019

 Eric Duthie has been fired as Tusayan’s Town Manager. During a special September 19th council meeting, the Tusayan Town Council spent about an hour in executive session before emerging to deliver the news. Vice Mayor Brady Harris made a motion to terminate Duthie’s contract. Councilman Robb Baldosky seconded the motion. The vote to terminate the  contract was unanimous. Duthie inquired about whether his severance package was the one outlined in his contract or one recently discussed in executive session. Mayor Craig Sanderson said that would be handled later.

This last executive session followed a number of closed door meetings involving Duthie’s contract and a recent evaluation.

Duthie's accomplishments include overcoming bureaucratic roadblocks that stood in the way of restrooms and the sports court  at the Town Park, and making partial progress on getting Tusayan high speed internet. 

However ,the town has suffered a recent series of setbacks under Duthie including the rejection of a measure that sought to exceed state spending limits which severely limits the town budget. The rejection of a measure backed by developer Stilo Major flood plain compliance issues have completly stalled the 10X 'affordable housing' project. More than $7 million has been spent and no homes have been built. The project is also shut down for now.