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News release: Invitation to assist with the Town of Tusayan Geographic Information System Update December 2019

November 26, 2019

 The Town of Tusayan is in the last phases of the development of the new Town Geographic Information System (GIS) Atlas. This Atlas was developed from scratch utilizing forensic engineering and existing as-built drawings to map out important data points.
The GIS Atlas will be an electronic, on-line data base that can be accessed by the public in much the same way you can access the County Assessors office online for parcel information. Developers and Contractors doing business in the Town will find the data contained in the GIS Atlas very helpful in determining infrastructure location, sizes, and capacities.
The information that will be provided in the Atlas includes the following:
? Updated Tusayan Aerial Background and Photos per location
? Transportation and Street Layout
? Water Lines, Valve Locations and Fire Hydrants
? Sewer Lines, Lift Stations and Manhole locations
? Reclaimed Water Lines and Irrigation Lines
? Storm Sewer and Drainage Easements
? Building Setbacks and Utility Easements
? Electrical Transformers (APS will not allow lines to be shown at this time)
? Other Dry Utility Lines such as Communication Cable and Fiber Optic
? Zoning and General Plan Map
? Building Footprints and Parcels
? Natural Gas Lines and Propane Tanks
? Grand Canyon Airport and Aviation
? Survey Monuments and Benchmarks
? Traffic and Monument/Commercial Sign Locations along Highway 64

Willdan Engineering will be holding a series of one-on-one meetings* with various stakeholders and interested parties to demonstrate the capabilities of the Town GIS mapping system and solicit input prior to the final approval and publishing of the GIS Atlas.
We would like to invite you to meet and participate.
Please email or call Steven Bacs, AICP, CPM, Principal Project Manager, Southwest Region at SBacs@Willdan.com or 602-329-0929 or Darryl Delbridge, CADD, Engineering Tech at DDelbridge@Willdan.com or 602-526-6553.
Darryl will meet with you at your place of work, your home, or at the Tusayan Town Hall at your scheduled time.
We look forward to your input as we finalize this important GIS project that will bring the Town of Tusayan, along with other recent steps, into the cutting edge of technology and information utilization.
*Proposed Meeting Dates: Thursday, December 5th, 12th, and 19th between 10AM and 3PM.