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Community Outreach For Town Projects

December 24, 2019

 Look for a survey in your mailbox as the Town of Tusayan seeks your input on major projects. Tusayan may be short on cash because of state spending limits, but it is allowed to borrow money for capital improvement projects like sports fields or internet infrastructure. Town Manager Cynthia Seelhammer is working on a five year capital improvement project but she says community input is needed from both the community as well as the Town Council. Her report to the Town Council said a five year plan gives residents a clearer picture of the town’s priorities, “It is not entirely clear to the community what the Town’s priorities are in spending Town funds on capital projects. The creation of a CIP (Capital Improvement project) would help to define goals, details of CIP projects, costs, and timing. Projects discussed at a December 11th council meeting include a flood retention basin, a fire truck, and sports fields for the town park.