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GIS Mapping Underway in Tusayan/ Tozer Moves On/ Sign Codes Will Be Enforced

January 18, 2020

 Tusayan is in the final stages of GIS (Geographic Information System) mapping. The process has been going on for months as contract engineers for Wildan Engineering have been doing this during routine Town visits.

While such mapping can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, this project is being done as part of Wildan’s contract so there is no additional expense. 

The map can track geography, property lines as well as utility lines. Some electrical lines will not be on public maps for security reasons.

Someone who has been keeping Tusayan safe for years is moving on. Coconino Sheriff's Lt. Brian Tozer, who was stationed in Williams, oversaw public safety in Tusayan. Tozer was recently transferred to Flagstaff. He was recognized for his service at a recent Tusayan Town Council meeting.

Tusayan is looking at rules for political signs and with new management in place it is promising to enforce the rules fairly. When the building height referendum came up for a vote, those in favor of raising building heights ignored the rules that prohibited signs in public right of ways. When complaints were filed with the Town they were ignored. Vice Mayor Brady Harris pledged to take notice of any violation seriously and Town Manager Cynthia Seelhammer said the ruled would be enforced equitable. Neither Harris nor Seelhammer were at Town Hall when those violations happened.