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Tusayan Is Re-Submitting Controversial Forest Service Application

January 20, 2020

 The Town of Tusayan is making some changes to a controversial application seeking access to Forest Service lands to facilitate a massive development project that would include thousands of new homes and more than two million square feet of commercial space. Italy-based Stilo is the developer. An application was originally submitted in September. A vote on the revised plan takes place January 23rd.

According to the town the following changes are under consideration.

  • New alignment for the proposed primary access/utility corridor to Katlin Ranch. Specifically, the southern alignment was moved away from the roundabout at Long Jim Loop to a location farther north at the existing FR 605M (SR 64 northern access to Long Jim Loop). This route is north of the town center area and will avoid the Grand Canyon Unified School District property/sports complex and homes, and generally follows already existing roads and trails.
  • Only one paved road (the southern alignment) is proposed for access to Katlin, rather than two paved roads.
  • The northern access to Katlin remains but will primarily serve as an emergency access corridor, will not contain utilities, and is proposed to remain unpaved, resulting in reduced disturbance of NFS lands.
  • Geographic area and map of the Coconino Plateau Groundwater Sub-basin included.
  • Change to proposed road alignments, using already existing Forest Service roads and trails, as much as possible.

According to the Town, the next step would be for the Forest Service to accept this proposal as an application. A public comment period would follow. A similar proposal was rejected in 2015 after more than 300,000 messages were sent in opposition.