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Tusayan Sets Spending Priorities Now That The Town Has Borrowed $2 Million

March 16, 2020

 The Town of Tusayan is operating under a state spending limit of $1.4 million a year but the Town Council still wants to move ahead on capital improvement projects. State law permits borrowing for capital improvements for communities under spending limits.

The Town recently conducted a survey in which 25 out of 400 responded. The top priorities listed on the survey are housing, the Town Park, and internet service. 

Councilman Robb Baldosky suggested posting the survey on line given the limited response. The Town Manager said that was not practical and 25 out of 400 is a sufficient response.

Mayor Craig Sanderson said he was “pleasantly surprised” residents’ priorities are in line with what the Town Council was considering. 

Councilmember Becky Wirth said her top priority is solving flood plain issues, with the Fire District coming in second. Mayor Sanderson prioritizes flood plain issues with housing coming in second. Vice Mayor Harris has the same priorities as does councilman Al Montoya. Councilman Baldosky prioritizes public safety, housing and infrastructure.

Mayor Sanderson and Vice Mayor Harris attended the meeting telephonically.

The council also voted to hold a Home Rule election in November which would get Tusayan out from under spending limits for four years starting in July 2021. There is also a budget override election set for May which will override the limit for one year starting in July 2020. Previously,  residents rejected a budget override last year following millions spent on affordable housing at 10X with no units to show for the spending.