Local News

No Changes at the Town Council

March 17, 2012

By Mike Scerbo


Apparently, abrupt resignations are the only way the makeup of the Tusayan Town Council will change in the near future. Two members who have not resigned, Mayor Greg Bryan and Vice Mayor Al Montoya, survived recall challenges. Businesswoman Clarinda Vail challenged Montoya and Tusayan Fire District Chief Robert Evans challenged Mayor Bryan.  Cecily Maniaci was also the target of a recall but she resigned before the election. Elling Halvorson employee Craig Sanderson, without any real explanation, decided to challenge Maniaci before she resigned. He was appointed to the Council.

The next potential election in Tusayan is the referenda on the Stilo land use plans. The election was scheduled for May 15th, but it may not happen because Stilo sued to stop the vote. A Coconino County Superior Court sided with Stilo, but that decision is on appeal.

Opponents of the Stilo land use plan are hoping the fact that the Superintendent of the Grand Canyon National Park, The Sierra Club, and the Havasupai Tribal Council oppose the plan will help win some votes.  The opposition is based on concern that the developer was not required to give sufficient details in the approvals and that it is a blank slate for large-scale development that has the potential to dry up springs that feed the Grand Canyon National Park and tribal lands.

Those concerns have not swayed the Tusayan Town Council which has supported the Stilo plan with fervor. The lone exception is Councilman Bill Fitzgerald who has recused himself from voting on Stilo matters following threats from Stilo attorneys. Those threats were not only aimed at Fitzgerald. Stilo also fired off a letter to his employer which made unsubstantiated claims about the way he distributes the mail at the Town’s mail station.