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Grand Canyon School District Announcement: Grab and Go Meals

March 20, 2020

 The meals that are being delivered to neighborhoods via Grand Canyon school buses are FREE meals to all community children, ages 0 to 18.  The drop off spots are the school’s regular bus stops. 

We deliver together a breakfast meal intended for the following morning and a lunch meal for the current day and milk is also provided to accompany the meals.  We hope this is something the kids look forward to and enjoy.  We also hope that parents will find this helpful and fun as well.

If you have a child that attends Grand Canyon School and your family has experienced a cut in work hours or a lay-off or any kind of job loss, we encourage your family to fill out a meal application immediately (see attached).  We want to help families wherever possible.  If you have a decrease in wages, you may qualify for free or reduced meals.  If you fill out the application and qualify for any meal benefits, they will stay in affect when the school re-opens.  This could be beneficial to any family who finds themselves in a difficult situation.   You may email your completed from to bshields@grandcanyonschool.org or fax it to 928-638-2045.  (This information is very confidential.)

Remember, the meals being delivered currently via the school buses are FREE.


Las comindas que se an estado llevando a sus comunidades a traves de la escuela son completament GRATIS para todos los ninos de la comunidad, edades 0 a 18 anos.  Las locaciones en donde entregamos son las paradas de camiones ya acostumbradas.

Llevamos desayuno y comida juntos, acompanadas con leche.  Esperamos que los ninos lo esten disfrutando y que los padres reciban esta ayuda con felicidad.

Si usted tiene un estudiante en las esculea de Grand Canyon, y si usted y su familia estan experimentando un corte en ingresos, le aconsejamos que llene una applicacion para recibir beneficios de desayunos y comidas gratis, ya que regresemos a un horario normal.   Esto puede ser una gran ayuda en estos tiempos dificiles.  Recuerda que toda informacion is totalmente confidencial.  La applicaion en espanol esta adjunta, puedes enviarla a bshields@grandcanyonschool.org o por fax a 928-638-2045.

Recuerda, las comidad que estamos llevando hasta sus vecindarios en estos tiempos son completamente gratis para todos.  




Barb Shields

Food Service Director

Grand Canyon Schools