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Buyer’s remorse: The Town Council Is Upset With The Engineering Firm They Hired

March 27, 2012

It wasn’t that long ago that the Tusayan Yown Council decided to fire the long list of experts who had been providing planning, zoning, and development advice to the region for decades. That was Coconino County.

Instead the town council decided to farm the tasks out to the private sector. Now there may be some buyer’s remorse.

At the March 21st meeting there was considerable opining from the Town Council about incomplete billing records. Essentially Willldan has been sending the town some hefty bills and not all of the work done for those bills have been clearly spelled out.

Mayor Greg , “What we are asking is what was the end result of what you did and what did you accomplish.”

The funds on the table are considerable. At the March 21st meeting the council debated a monthly bill that totaled $11,000. They also discussed getting bill $450 for three hours work.

While Mayor Bryan is to be applauded for his new found concerns, it should be noted that the Mayor and most of the Council got us into this mess.

Longtime readers of this publication may remember when we wrote about the perils of farming out such work which is traditionally done by government. Rather than stick with the financially responsible experts at Coconino County, the town chose to go with independent contractors who coincidentally recommended approval for the Stilo land use plans.

The Council is learning the hard way that when you farm out government services to companies that wish to make a profit, they tend to send you hefty bills.  Last time we checked, Coconino County is not a for profit corporation.