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Tusayan Food Bank Registration Notice

March 24, 2020


Dear Community Member,


For the food bank website please go to https://spiritofthecanyon.com/food/


During this incredibly difficult time, it is hard to know where to go for help, or what kind of help is available. Here in Tusayan, we are doing our best to provide our community with the resources they need to continue to obtain food.

We are committed to increasing the Food Bank Services in Tusayan in order to ensure that all community residents receive food.

You must be a resident of Valle, Tusayan, or reside inside Grand Canyon National Park to receive food from this food bank. If you reside outside of those areas, please visit the St. Mary’s Food Bank Website for services available in your area.


As we work to obtain the Food Supplies needed to sustain the community, please assist us by Registering your household. If most people register for Food Bank Services in advance, it allows us to have the amount of food needed to sustain our community.

If you are unable to register online prior to the day of the Food Bank, you will not be turned away, volunteers will assist you with registration at the Food Bank Location. This may cause a delay, but we will move people through as quickly as we can.

Everyone registering for the Food Bank will need to agree to the Food Bank Distribution Policies, and acceptance of the policy will be required during the registration process.