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Tusayan residents receiving food and supplies in response to Coronavirus

March 26, 2020

About $70,000 in direct aid is going to the Tusayan community. The Town Council set aside the funds during a special meeting March 24th. About $25,000 in food assistance has already been distributed and additional food and household needs were handed out March 25th. The Town is working with St. Mary's Food Bank and the Grand canton School District

According to Vice Mayor Brady Harris 240 boxes were handed out adressing the needs of  520 people. 

The Town Council is also working with the Grand Canyon School District to get students access to lunches as well to computers and the internet. More than 22 families in Tusayan and about 20 families in Valle do not have access to a computer or the internet which makes remote learning almost impossible since classrooms close because of the Coronavirus. The need for school lunches is more widespread. 

The Mayor and the Town Council were updated on measures taken in response to the health crisis. The Chamber of Commerce has asked the National Parks Service to consider closing the Grand Canyon National Park to protect the health and safety of the public.

Mayor Craig Sanderson notes that the food aid is not based solely on financial need but also because of the limited supply of staples in town and the challenges of traveling great distances only to find store shelves in neighboring communities empty.

In addition to authorizing the extra funds, the Town Council also voted to work on rules for further aid distribution.  Assistance to school children as it relates to computers and lunches will be limited to the Grand Canyon School District. Food and household basics distribution will be limited to people who live in or work in Tusayan.

(Photo Credit Town of Tusayan)