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Trails Project Moves Ahead

April 14, 2020

 The Town of Tusayan is moving ahead with its trails project. The overall project calls for a series of trails, about 12.5 miles, from the Town to the Grand Canyon. The Council authorized $100,000 to be spent for planning an environmental studies.

The money would not come from the general fund but rather from a $2 million capital improvement pool of money which is being funding by a loan.

The project is expected to boost tourism by giving tourists another reason to stay in town after they have seen the Grand Canyon.

Despite the current Coronavirus crisis Town Manager Cynthia Seelhammer said projects such as new trails are intended to prepare the community when things get back to normal, “So that a year from now we would be ready to construct those trails.”

At its April 8th meeting the Town Council also reviewed the high speed internet project. The vendor says about 50 installations remain.

The council also approved monthly expenditures including more than $10,000 for a Washington DC lobbying firm to address access issues related to the idled 10X housing project and the Stilo development.