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Tusayan Hires Brand New Company To Study Housing

May 1, 2012

By Mike Scerbo


The Tusayan Town Council doesn’t seem to be learning from its mistakes. On the same night it hired an outside consulting firm to do a housing study for Tusayan, it complained that an outside consultant has botched the bills so badly, some bills should not be paid.

 On April 25th, the Council has decided to give Scott Brown and John Young more than $17,000 to look at affordable housing in Tusayan. The company has no actual experience in this field. One is a realtor, the other a builder. In fact, Young is also running for political office according to this Colorado news article http://www.aspendailynews.com/section/home/152703 .

Neither Brown nor Young have a degree in planning, or zoning or design. Brown finished junior college, Young has a degree in marketing and in public relations. The company Brown and Young formed is brand new; and Tusayan trusts it with a very critical decision. In fact when the council voted, Mayor Greg Bryan cheered.

When it comes to dealing with another vendor, Bryan is not cheering.  He is still getting incomplete invoices from Willdan Engineering. Bryan opines that one Willdan employee bills Tusayan for 13 hours of service yet provides one or two sentences for an explanation.

In other Council news, it seems the council did not properly appoint Tusayan’s Planning and Zoning Commission, all of whom work for Stilo or its partner Elling Halvorsen. That means four of them will have to be re-appointed, a 5th has left town.