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Guest Column by Former Mayor Pete Shearer. In Support of the Tusayan Fire District

October 12, 2020

 Pete Shearer here. Wanted to weigh in on what is happening to our community today, as a result of our elected Town Council Members bad decisions.

Please call each of them for an explanation.

I built the first Tusayan Firehouse. I remodeled the second. I watched with pride as the community built the great Fire Department which we have today. The Town is trying to dismantle our Fire Department. They have defunded it and other important community organizations. Call them and ask them why they want to make this an unsafe and undesirable place to live. Their numbers are listed on the Town website. Please call and hold them accountable for their actions. They have decided to fund a project which is only needed to benefit one of the Council Members business, $500,000 dollars of your money. And yet they refuse to give the TFD money to protect you, your loved ones, and our tourists. This decision affects not only Tusayan residents, but anyone in GC and Valle as well. Highway response time is critical. Without TFD we are in danger of having no quick response to accidents, wildland or structural fires, or to emergency medical calls. Join me in asking that our taxes are used to protect us and not used for the benefit of special interest groups or private businesses owned by Council members. Thank You. Don’t forget to vote.