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Missing Rules: Town Council Moving Forward On Policies Concerning The Way They Conduct Meetings

October 13, 2020

 The rules by which the Tusayan Town Council operates are up for review as members consider a set of policies drafted by Town Manager Charlie Hendrix and Town Council Member Becky Wirth.

The timing is odd as this council is outgoing and a new Mayor will be taking over in December.

In fact Mayor–Elect Clarinda Vail pointed out that such rules were adopted as early as 2012. The Town Manager acknowledged that they found agendas and resolutions from 2012 but no attachments. The council may have indeed passed policies but they are not formally on record with the Town.

At a recent Town Council meeting Mayor Craig Sanderson said, “The problem is something was adopted in 2012, we just don’t know what it is.”

The new policies spell out issues such as conflict of interests, executive sessions, and ways in which items can be placed on council agendas.

Here is a link to the policies which will come up for a vote at the October 14th meeting.

Mayor Elect Clarinda Vail told the Watchdog she appreciates the Town’s efforts and hard work. She would also like to see the policy expanded to include a gift clause.