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Former Town Manager Duthie Accused of "Fradulent Activity"

October 13, 2020

Former Town Manager Eric Duthie may be in legal hot water according to the current Town Manager Charlie Hendrix. In her staff report, Hendrix said Duthie may have been responsible for "fraudulent activity."

Her report on the matter reads:
"Earlier this week I had the unfortunate responsibility of reporting a former town manager to the police for what we believe to be fraudulent activity. Our hope is that the manager will reverse his error so that we can withdraw our complaint. If he chooses not to we will need to press forward in pursuing all avenues available to us to remedy the situation."

No other details were provided. Duthie was fired by the Town Council following a series of costly errors including ignoring flood plain issues in the failed affordable housing project. Those violations cost the town as much as $8 million.