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Town Council Election Update. Collet Drops Out. Endorses Fire Chief Greg Brush

October 14, 2020

 Fire Chief Greg Brush has been endorsed by his opponent in the race for Town Council. Josh Collet is dropping out of the race and urging Tusayan residents to get behind Chief Brush. The following is a letter Collet wrote in support of Tudsayan's Fire Chief, Greg Brush:


Dear residents of Tusayan,

My name is Joshua Collet and I am no longer a candidate for town council. Please consider this my whole hearted endorsement of Greg Brush for Tusayan town council.

Due to recent developments I feel that it has become necessary for me to step back and withdraw myself from the election. I would ask that you instead vote for Greg Brush.

I have known and worked with Greg for several years now and can honestly say that he is committed to the future of Tusayan, he has demonstrated time and again his commitment to the residents of this town. Whether it is distributing goods for the food bank or providing life safety training for all our employees he has become an essential part of our community.

I look forward to seeing what new and fresh perspective he can bring to the town council and hope that you will join me in voting for Greg Brush.




Joshua Collet