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Tusayan Election Update: Updated Numbers

November 9, 2020

 The Coconino County Recorder’s Office is still counting ballots for Tusayan Town Council and the Tusayan Fire District. Greg Brush has 89 votes. Josh Collet, who dropped out of the race, has 47 votes. Collet made the decision to withdraw and endorse Brush after the ballot had already been set.  Write in votes have not yet been tallied. Al Montoya decided to launch a write in candidacy in late September.

Proposition 437 is likely to pass with 141 yes votes and 53 no votes. 437 frees Tusayan from state spending limits. The measure is commonly known as the Home Rule Option. Those spending limits had caused drastic cutbacks in Town spending. Previously, the Town had convinced voters to approve a budget override until the next Home Rule question could be placed on the ballot.

Given the margin Home Rule is likely to pass. Mayor-elect Clarinda Vail said, “I am please home rule has passed. These funds will be responsibly spent so that the residents of Tusayan will get the services they deserve.”

Vice mayor Brady Harris said, "I am happy that home rule will be passing with overwhelming support. Votes such as home rule serve as indicators for constituent support, and the work we our putting into the community is supported and recognised. It is a trying time for all, and I am humbled by the trust everyone places in us to continue addressing key issues in our town."

Ballots are still being counted for two seats on the Tusayan Fire District. John Vail has 104 votes, Andrew Aldaz has 96 votes. Brady Harris has 65 votes and Robb Baldosky has 57 votes.

The County Recorder’s Office says it may take several days before all the ballots are counted.