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Final Vote Count In- Greg Brush Elected To Tusayan Council

November 17, 2020

Greg Brush is the winner of the Tusayan Council race. The County Recorder just released the unofficial vote tally that includes write in votes. Brush received 90 votes. Josh Collet, who dropped out of the race and endorsed Brush, received 47 votes. Incumbent Councilman Al Montoya, who launched a late last minute write in candidacy, received 29 votes.

Montoya’s entry to the race was unexpected as he initially decided to not seek another term. Then in late September he filed paperwork as a write in candidate and mailed voters a campaign flyer indicating he wanted to keep his seat on the council.

This happened after Brush received the most votes in the primary election in August.

The results become official when the Town Council canvasses the ballot at the November 11th meeting.

The election of Clarinda Vail as Mayor and Brush marks the first time in nearly a decade that Halvorson employees do not hold a voting majority on the Town Council.