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Tusayan Holiday Decorating Contest

November 24, 2020

From Tusayan Town Hall:  

Window Decorating Contest

Decorate your windows at home for a chance to win one of three gift cards from the Town of Tusayan.  Let them know when your windows are decorated by sending a picture or your address to the email below.  Don’t forget to include you name, address and a telephone number.


Children’s Coloring Contest


The Town of Tusayan is sponsoring a coloring/decorating contest for children.  Please download one of the two attached printable forms.  Don’t forget to include the name, address, telephone number and age of your child artist.   All returned projects will be put on display at Townhall.  Return the completed project to Town Hall at the address below or by email to tusayantownmanager@tusayan-az.gov.  Please feel free to pass along.


Tusayan Town Hall

845 Mustang Drive

P.O. Box 709

Tusayan AZ 86023


The winning entries are eligible for prizes including a $50 first place gift card and $25 second place gift card(s).