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Clarinda Vail Sworn In As Tusayan Mayor. Greg Brush Sworn In As Councilmember

December 10, 2020

Tusayan native and businesswoman Clarinda Vail has been sworn in a Mayor of Tusayan. A brief ceremony took place December 9th prior to the regular council meeting.

Outgoing Mayor Craig Sanderson and outgoing Councilmen Al Montoya were recognized for their years of service. Then Vail was sworn in as Mayor. Greg Brush was also sworn in as the newest member of the Town Council. 

Vail said, “I promise I am going to do my very best to deserve the support that this community has given me.” She also encouraged the public to attend council meetings (virtually or in person). Vail added, “With a lot of goals I would like to see accomplished, we just can’t do that without group opinion. Please spread the word and try and promote that group opinion because we need it to make decisions.” Vail wants to make sure the Town Council gets opinions from outside the bubble. She also thanked the Mayor past council for their service.

Councilman Brush said, “I want to thank everyone for the support. It really means a lot. I have heard a lot of input. I appreciate it and I hope people will continue to do that.” Brush added, “Every time we go through a crisis I see people helping other people more than any other community I have ever seen. And that’s why I love living here.”

Councilman Brush also serves as the Chief of the Tusayan Fire District.

Sanderson commended Vail for her years of volunteer service in Tusayan, “I do appreciate that you are on the council and am looking forward to the service that you’re going to provide.”