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Joint Work Session To Sort Out Stilo Issues

March 23, 2021

 The Tusayan Town Council and the Tusayan Sanitary District will hold a joint work session with developer Stilo March 31st to work out some lingering issues surrounding Stilo’s massive development proposal that would add millions of commercial square footage and thousands of homes to Tusayan.

In November 2020, the Tusayan Sanitary District wrote the US Forest Service noting Stilo has failed to engage with the sanitary district for six years. The letter also claims the developer has failed to address adverse environmental impacts. The letter was written before the new administration took office.

The Sanitary District also wants the formal development plan revised to assure the commercial aspect of the proposal has been reduced by a third. Stilo made that commitment when it re-applied for Forest Service Road access but the development plan has yet to be amended.

In February of this year the Sanitary District also asked the Forest Service to ensure that access routes identified as RP Drive and Long Jim Loop 605C be removed from the application because the additional traffic that would be created is not in the best interest of the community. The Tusayan Sanitary District is also seeking answers about estimated wastewater flows resulting from the Stilo development.

Sanitary District Board Chairman Pete Shearer said, "The Northern Arizona Council of Governments (“NACOG”), which is the local Designated Planning Agency concerning water quality issues, has authorized the District to serve as the Designated Management Agency (“DMA”) for the Tusayan area. As the DMA, the District is responsible for implementing the water quality plan for the area. This legal planning authority is intended to protect local water quality from degradation by wastewater releases, thereby safeguarding the long-term water supplies of the entire community. Accordingly, the District actively works to make certain that all proposed wastewater treatment facilities - including proposed on-site septic systems, community disposal systems, or small treatment facilities - are properly planned."

Sensing a need to resolve these issues, the new Tusayan administration decided it would be best to hold a joint meeting of the Town Council, and the Sanitary District with developer Stilo.

Mayor Clarinda Vail said, "These are completed issues and I look forward to getting some clarity on them."

Here is a link to the letters from the Sanitary District to the Forest Service.