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Tusayan Tables Stilo Letter To The Forest Service

May 14, 2021

Developer Stilo’s proposed response to the Forest Service over issues with the Tusayan Sanitary District has been tabled by the Tusayan Town Council. Stilo drafted the letter and wanted the Town to co-sign it.

The Town decided to hold off on such a letter noting that the letter failed to mention what Stilo needs to do to live up to its obligations to the Town of Tusayan.

Mayor Clarinda Vail remarked that Stilo knows their stipulations and they are not mentioned in the letter. Vail said, “We need to enforce Town law.”

Vail said Stilo needs to decide if they want their development projects to be part of the Sanitary District.

According to an ordinance passed in 2011 amending Tusayan's zoning ordinance to accommodate Stilo's Kotzin property, Stilo should have decided years ago whether to become part of the Sanitary District or show it has the means to provide its own sewer and water reclamation service. Here is a portion of that ordinance:

"Within 180 days of final zoning approval, the Applicant must request annexation of the property into the South Grand Canyon Sanitary District (SGCSD) for wastewater and reclaimed water service to the property. If the SGCSD is unable or unwilling to serve the entire property with sewer service and reclaimed water service, prior to the first phase of the  development, the  Applicant must provide an alternate means of providing permanent sewer and reclaimed water service to the property. All required engineering reports and improvement plans shall be reviewed and approved by the Town Engineer and applicable regulatory agencies."

Here is a link to the 2011 ordinance on Kotzin.

That same language also appears in a 2011 tusayan zoning ordinance concerning Stilo's TenX property. A decision from Stilo on that property is also years overdue. Here is a link to that ordinance.

Stilo’s letter ignores the issue and instead claims, “Sanitary districts exists for the purpose of improving real estate, and their authority is limited.”

The Sanitary District has said it is willing to work with Stilo but the developer has not come to the district with needed specifics. District Chairman Pete Shearer previously told the Watchdog, “They are standing in the way of their own project.”

The Forest Service needs to sign off on road access issues before Stilo can move ahead with its development plans that include thousands of new homes and nearly three million square feet of commercial space.