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Update: Agreement Clears The Way For Fire District Funds

June 25, 2021

The Town of Tusayan has approved an intergovernmental agreement with the Tusayan Fire District that provides the District with funds to meet ever-increasing demands brought on by tourism. The Town has agreed to give the Tusayan Fire District between $200,000 and $450,000 to cover salaries and other operating expenses.

The Town has also agreed to give the District up to $500,000 to cover the cost of replacing equipment. TFD's ambulance is out of service and an fire engine and a ladder truck are due to be replaced. The agreement is expected to be signed June 29th.

The Town Council approved the IGA at its June 23rd meeting. Here is a link. The District made the request during the June 9th Town Council meeting.

Tusayan Fire District Business Administrator Kate Maragos says some of the money would be used to bring staffing from nine full time positions to ten. That addition would provide “sustained round the clock coverage with a minimum staffing of three people 24 hours a day seven days a week.” Tusayan Fire Makes Budget Request

Money will also be used to increase pay. Fire fighters in Tusayan are paid about $11,000 a year below the industry standard. The starting wage for a fire fighter is $33,000 a year, or about $15 an hour which is the minimum wage in Flagstaff. In addition there are no paid holidays for fire fighters.

The department thanked Tusayan for its past contributions noting that its ISO ratings which impact insurance rates continue to improve and are now better than the City of Page.

Fire Chief Greg Brush said the demand for services is driven by tourism, “Honestly if we were in the middle of Yavapai County with no tourism and no airport we would probably have plenty of money.”