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ADOT Hard at Work on Highway 64-The Roundabouts Are Taking Shape

May 16, 2012

Those heralded roundabouts are taking shape as the Arizona Department of Transportation resumes work on the Highway 64 project. When it's all done there will be bus pull outs and a raised median. Right now the most noticeable features are the roundabouts. Most of the major work was done before winter, but there is still quite a bit of construction left until the end of the summer. ADOT plans on pausing construction during the 4th of July Holiday week. The final paving and landscaping are expected in late August.

In addition to sprucing up the highway, the roundabouts will slow traffic, which should make local residents happy as speeders on 64 have been a source of irritation.The tourists benefit as well because slowing down for a roundabout is better than getting a ticket.