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Tusayan Mayor Seeks Funds For Town Residents

July 20, 2021

The Federal Government has awarded the Town of Tusayan more than $193,000 as part of the Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Fund program. Mayor Clarinda Vail wants to distribute those funds directly to Tusayan’s residents.

Mayor Vail also wants to pursue additional direct cash assistance for residents. She said she has heard The Arizona League of Cities and Towns would oppose any efforts to use town funds for cash assistance. Mayor Vail believes the use of federal funds should hold up. She is hoping to use the federal program as a template for possible future payments with town funds. Mayor Vail said, “I feel like this is a way to kick open the door a little bit and see what are going to be the rules.”

For now, Mayor Vail is working on a plan to distribute the federal funds which would need Town Council approval.

She added, “The most important thing we can do is help the lives of our citizens.”