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Classes Resume at Grand Canyon School District

August 2, 2021

Message from the Grand Canyon School District

2021-2022 Mitigation and Health and Well-Being Message

Dear Grand Canyon Families,

Grand Canyon Unified School District #4 enters the 2021-2022 school year with the goal of starting the school year as normal as possible, while still maintaining a number of health procedures as part of our ongoing process to keep students and staff safe.

On July 1, 2021 Governor Ducey rescinded all orders requiring students to wear face coverings while on school campus. School districts are prohibited from requiring the use of face coverings by students or staff during school hours and on school property. The wearing of masks by our students and staff is thereby optional. We ask that all students and staff respect the decisions of others.

Masks will be available for students and staff choosing to wear them. They will be available in the classrooms, at the main office and on the school buses.

As always, we make all of our decisions based on educational priorities or safety purposes. We will be initiating several mitigation practices, with the hope our school will be operating as normal as possible.

In-Person Instruction
Grand Canyon Unified School District at this point in time, is only offering In-Person Instruction for the 2021-2022 school year. If the state makes changes to the above instructional format, the Governing Board will notify the community immediately.

Mitigation Practices

The Mitigation Plan approved by the Governing Board expired on June 30, 2021. The District is looking at possible mitigation practices as school begins it’s instructional year. The Board will keep the community informed.

Hand sanitizers are available at hand sanitizing stations and in individual bottles in every building on campus.
Building HVAC operations will continue to supply a fresh supply of air into all classrooms. Staff will be encouraged to open windows as much as possible weather permitting. Buses will continue to be cleaned and sanitized daily.

School Arrival Procedures
Temperature checks will be taken for all students in the following locations: On the School Bus.

Front of School, for students who are dropped off by parents.
Lower Elementary School bike racks, for students walking or biking to school.

Elementary Students will report to the appropriate wellness check station, then report to the MPR for breakfast and to wait for their teacher to escort them to their classroom.
Middle School and High School Students who want breakfast will report to the appropriate wellness check station, Grab Breakfast from the Cafeteria and then proceed to the outside picnic tables in the back parking lot.

Middle School and High School Students who do not want breakfast should report to their designated class meeting area.

Middle School Students outside the Middle School Building.
High School Students in the courtyard between the High Building and the School Office Building. (Staff will be appropriately stationed to support students)

Cafeteria Operations
Cafeteria food service line operations will return to normal.
Hand sanitizer stations are located at the entrance to the MPR to be used before eating. Students sitting within the MPR will continue to be spaced as much as feasible.
Outside seating will be offered as weather allows.

Cleaning and Disinfecting
At this time, daily cleaning will return to normal operations Disinfecting will continue.

High School and Middle School Athletics

Athletics and clubs will resume as usual, following AIA guidelines.

Events and Field Trips
Field trips and events will resume in the 2021-2022 school year.

COVID-19 Response Team
Grand Canyon Administration will continue to utilize the expertise of the Coconino County Covid-19 response team throughout the 2021-2022 school year.
Administration will continue to gather information about positive cases from staff and students and the Governing Board will be notified.


Principal Matthew Yost

Superintendent Shonny Bria


P.S.  We had a great Opening on August 2.  Thank you!