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Mayor Vail Makes Push To Get Funds Directly To Residents

August 22, 2021

Tusayan Mayor Clarinda Vail is continuing her efforts to get direct funds to residents after asking the Town Manager to establish a framework for getting checks to residents. The money would come from the American Rescue Plan Act. The Town is receiving $193,000 from that federal project. 

Vail would like to use this as a template for direct aid to come from town funds. “I felt that this may be a way to kick open the door to let it go to households and let them decide. We don’t know what their needs may be, what debts they would like to pay off, what they would like to do.”

Councilman Greg Brush suggested opening this up to people who work in Tusayan as well.

Mayor Vail asked for input form other council members as well.

Vail would like to do this every year using a portion of the massive amount of sales tax revenues the town collects, “And if it works out, I would probably be proposing that in the budget there would be some amount for people every single year.” She hopes distributing the federal funds can build a framework for distributing far more dollars from town coffers.

Under past administrations, the Town was spending large sums on attorneys and lobbyists who had been advocating for Stilo's massive development plans. Mayor Vail and the current council have put an end to that spending.