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Democracy in Tusayan is on Life Support

June 7, 2012

There’s a great line in the 1988 movie “Moon Over Parador” in which an election is held in a mythical country run by an iron fisted dictator. The Dictator’s name appears on the ballot twice. One voter asks another “who should I vote for?” The other guy replies, “Vote for who you want, it’s a free dictatorship.”

That’s the situation in Tusayan. Mayor Greg Bryan and Vice Mayor Al Montoya, both of whom work for Stilo business partner Elling Halvorson, are running unopposed in the August 28th election. Given the way Stilo tries to personally destroy anyone who opposes them, it’s not surprising that no one is willing to risk their neck.

Recall candidate Clarinda Vail was smeared by baseless allegations that vanished after Election Day. Bill Fitzgerald, who had the courage to stand up to Stilo, saw his reputation and livelihood threatened by lawyers bankrolled by Stilo’s bottomless war chest.

Most of those who signed Bryan’s and Montoya’s petitions are the same group of people who have been in Stilo’s or Halvorson’s pockets.  Here is a link to Bryan’s signers. Here is a link to Montoya’s. Notice people like ClayAnn Cook and Pam Parsons? These folks will continue to make a buck as long as Stilo seeks to impose its environmentally devastating development project in Tusayan.  Those not on the gravy train get to vote for two people running unopposed for two seats on the Town Council.

Remember when Stilo pushed incorporation it stressed local control and an independent government. With Stilo cutting the checks it didn’t turn out that way.

When deciding who to vote for remember, it’s a free dictatorship.