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Tusayan Tax Dollars…At Work..Sort Of

June 30, 2012

How much does it cost to run a town of just 500 people? Try $4,399,000. That’s $8,790 for  every person with a pulse in Tusayan. Tusayan is working on a budget for the upcoming fiscal year.  More than $2 million of that comes from sales taxes.

What are we getting for our money? The town hires the Coconino County Sheriff’s office to provide law enforcement for several hundred thousand dollars a year.  There was no fee before incorporation. The sanitary district and the fire district are self funded. So is the school district. ADOT is redoing the Highway, but they would be doing that with or without incorporation. A bunch of planning and zoning work is being indirectly funded by Stilo, the folks who have a massive development plan before the town.  The casual observer might be curious as to what bang the town is getting for its buck.

After careful research we have discovered a few items. The taxpayers have received:

  •  A rubber stamped development plan backed by the same folks who put 4 of the 5 council members in office
  • Bogus investigations of the Chamber of Commerce and the Fire District
  •  The resignations of two council members
  • The resignation of the Town Manager which cost residents more than $80,000 in a separation agreement
  •  A $400,000 doublewide that serves as town hall

Despite this track record, the council may be getting a raise. Actually the job doesn’t pay anything right now. However, about 20 grand is set aside for salaries, $300 a month for the mayor and $200 a month for each council member.  Do you think the council should get paid for what they do? Send us an email at grandcanyonwatchdog@gmail.com

The council votes on the budget and the pay raise July 3rd. We will be covering the meeting.