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Vail A Winner In Tusayan Mayor’s Race. Collet and Chavez Elected To Council

August 17, 2022

The ballot counting has ended, and the numbers have held. Clarinda Vail has been elected to serve another two years as Mayor of Tusayan. She received 54 votes. Challenger, and Tusayan’s current Vice Mayor, Brady Harris received 40 votes.

Vail issued the following statement on her campaign Facebook page:

“Though the vote is not certified/canvassed yet, the numbers are final and I am truly honored to say that I get to be The Town of Tusayan’s Mayor for two more years. My second term will begin in December of 2022.

I have been waiting/hopeful for a private or public concession from Brady Harris before making any further announcements, but I now feel that a concession may not come from him. A concession is widely considered a courtesy and a celebration of American democracy. Brady failing to recognize to his supporters, or mine, that he has lost does not help reconcile our town.

I am honored with the trust and to be able to serve everyone in Tusayan. Together we can help improve and lift up the lives of those who live and work here. I look forward to what we can ALL do together! THANK YOU!”

Harris has yet to issue any statement on his Facebook page.

Collet and Chavez ran unopposed for two four-year seats on the Town Council. Collet received 52 votes and Chavez received 49.

Tusayan residents also voted to authorize the Town Council to seek an agreement to buy a water company, Hydro Resources.

The Tusayan Town Council will vote to canvass the results on August 22nd.

Click here to see a copy of that resolution.