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Tusayan Business Addresses Critical Need

September 2, 2022

Let’s say you live in Valle and work in Tusayan, and you have car trouble. If you can’t get a ride from a friend, you can get a ride from a recently opened business in Tusayan. Arizona Hopper Shuttle offers service to and from Flagstaff, Williams, Tusayan, and Valle.

Flagstaff pickup and drop off locations include the Flagstaff Mall at the center entrance facing the front and Café Rio in Woodlands Village.  For Williams, the pickup and drop off location is the Visitor Center located at 200 W. Railroad Ave. In Valle, the pickup and drop-off location is at the Chevron Gas station out front. Pickup and drop off locations in Tusayan include the Red Feather Lodge.

Arizona Hopper Shuttle uses a ten-passenger van pictured here. 

The company hopes to one day offer regularly scheduled stops and starts, but for now rides are being arranged through reservations. Those reservations are required two hours in advance, and they only stop at booked locations.

The cost for a ride from Tusayan to Flagstaff is $20. From Valle to Tusayan the cost is $7. Other destinations fall between that range. Call or text (928)-890-4131  to check for availability and pricing. 

Business Owner Andrew Van Ooteghem said he saw a need in the area.

“Unless you have a car, there is no easy way to get to and from the communities in this part of Coconino County. Our company also addresses a need for those with medical appointments that require someone else to drive,” said Van Ooteghem.

Van Ooteghem hopes business picks up as word spreads. His long-term goal is to have several vans making regular stops at set destinations.