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Collet Ready To Get To Work On The Tusayan Town Council

September 28, 2022

Josh Collet has lived in Tusayan for more than 26 years. In December he will take a seat on the Town Council following the August election.

His motivation for serving on the council is to give back to the community.

Collet tells the Watchdog, “This town has been very good to me. I have done well here, and the fact is that I owe. I have served two terms on the Sanitary District and had some decent results there and this seems like the next logical step.”

His aspirations include the completion of Tusayan park, and he would like to explore a recreation center for the town.  He would also like to improve local access to the Town Council and the council chambers.

Collet is also interested in getting more health services to the community and increased law enforcement.

Regarding the EKN Development plans for hotels at Camper Village, “They seem like decent folk. As far as what they are proposing, I have some concerns.” That concern is primarily groundwater. Collet adds, “My time at the Sanitary District has taught me to be hyper aware of the resources here.” He also points out that EKN has a right to develop its property as long as they follow the same rules as everyone else.

Regarding Mayor Vail’s call for using part of the town surplus to distribute to those who live and work in Tusayan, he likes the idea and says it has been implemented successfully in other communities.