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Council Briefs

September 30, 2022

Tusayan’s finances are better than expected. According to a recent report given to the Town Council, sales tax revenues are better than expected. Town Manager Charlie Hendrix told the Council, “You were a little over a million dollars in additional sales tax revenue than anticipated.” She said Tusayan ended the year in a fairly good position financially. 

Tusayan has dispersed $95,000 in federal COVID relief funds from the American Rescue Plan Recovery Act (ARPA) to those who live and work in Tusayan. That disbursement was done at the urging of Mayor Clarinda Vail. Additional funds ae still available and may be allocated to help provide free school lunches. Councilmember Becky Wirth made the suggestion and Mayor Vail agreed. Vice Mayor Brady Harris would also like to see funds set aside for a volunteer fire fighter education fund. The Council says this might be doable with or without ARPA funds.

Tusayan is also making plans for Christmas. According to the Town Staff report, Tusayan has received approval from the Grand Canyon School District for holiday lights at Sports Complex.  There is a lighting ceremony planned for December 8th at 5pm. The School District has been invited to participate in this event.